now represented by UKV Limited Editions

I’ve recently submitted a few images to UKV Limited Editions and am delighted to say that two of my monochrome images have been accepted by Paul Grundy who runs it (and an associated fine art printing business UKV Fine Art Printing Services).
One has been admitted to the traditional limited edition fine art print section, and the second to a fine art poster section

Silloth Steps

monochrome photograph of a path up from the beach at Silloth

Silloth Steps

The first image is a favourite image of mine, ‘Silloth Steps’, from the Cumbrian coast.

This monochrome image has been accepted as a limited edition fine art print.


The second image, Magnolia, an example of my monochrome floral photography, has been accepted as a fine art poster.

the most important step in writing a guest post for a blog

I’ve received an offer to write a guest post on my Selected Artworks blog today. I get these every couple of month or so, but let’s have a quick look at this request.

Our copy writing team and I would like to write a post
on ... 

Following guidelines will be followed:

Theme related article.
The article will be only in ENGLISH language.
The article content will be unique, innovative and 
The article will contain 400-600 words.
It will not contain affiliated links.
Each approved article will be bookmarked and promoted
in various bookmarking websites.
The article will strictly follow your terms and 

Looks good doesn’t it?  Nothing much to complain about is there?  Well yes, there is. The writer has obviously not given the blog even a cursory glance!

What does the blog heading say? Well, the title is “Selected Artworks”, so that might be a hint that I’d need more than a standard boilerplate request to be even vaguely interested – you’d need to provide some credentials. And the tagline – well, that’s “just the art … no long words or speeches”. You’d think that might raise some alarm bells for someone proposing to write 400-600 words, wouldn’t you?

Sadly, it’s not the first time I’ve received such an offer, but if you’re offering to write a blog post:

  • look at the blog you’re offering to write for
  • be confident you actually have something to say on the subject
  • be sure you can write something to fit within the style of the blog (difficult if it is almost entirely about images and not words)
  • tell the blog owner why you want to write for that particular site, and how you can add to it (and show that you have actually looked at the blog!)

There are loads of people out there offering to write for blogs – make your offer stand out by showing that you can bring something relevant and not just some bland irrelevant padding.





Mother and Child

abstract monochrome photograph by Mike Finley

Mother and Child

My latest submission to the United Photographic Postfolios group that I belong to is a monochrome abstract image. The group is for monochrome images, so that part is as usual, but abstracts are unusual … in fact this is the first time I’ve submitted an abstract monochrome image to the group. (I think they’ve seen some of my ‘abstract’ colour photographs in the past.)

I’ll find out what they think of it in a couple of months, or thereabouts! They are used to me submitting the occasional unusual image amongst the landscape and floral photography I usually submit.

Just in case you can’t work out what it really is, it’s a section of a trunk of a tree, where it was partly split by winter storms. The photo was taken earlier this year in Manesty Woods, on a visit with Lakeland Photographic Holidays.